Hot Laminating


Hot and cold reel laminator

Reel laminator with hot rollers to be used both for single or double side lamination jobs. 1000mt OPP film rolls can be installed on the upper reel holder so to save money on purchase of bigger rolls.

Special features are: 

  • Independent control of heating on both rolls so to preserve back print in case of single side lamination,
  • Adjustable film tension with side clutch, long lasting
  • Silicone rollers for better heat distribution
  • IR contact-less temperature sensors measure the actual temperature on top and bottom roller for more accurate temperature set
  • Made in Italy PCB integrated with MSC® Interface.

MSC® Interface means easy control on all lamination process via smart integration of high quality components and new software feature that makes all machines equipped with this system to be easily controlled by one single knob on a very intuitive software. The system is made of:

- Made in Italy PCB, and European quality components ensure high reliability and useful features like film

- User friendly software with unique features like profit calculation via actual film consumption monitoring for each single laminating job.

- Contact-less sensor as part of MSC Interface reads the temperature directly on laminating roller's surface for accurate reading and quick adjustment


Reels with internal mandrel of mm 25, 57 or 75 can be used on the machine thanks to adaptors. 25mm and 75mm core adaptors are included. 



  • Max working width (mm): 635
  • Max paper width (mm): 665
  • Film thickness (µm): 25-250
  • Speed (m/min): 0-2
  • Max temperature: 170° C
  • Independent lower roller heating system can be switched off in order to allow single side (upper) hot lamination
  • Anti-jamming reverse function
  • Control system: MSC Interface
  • Roller pressure adjustment: mechanic
  • Power consumption (W): 1800
  • Power requirements (V - Hz): 230 - 50/60
  • Dimensions (mm): 970x490x390
  • Weight (Kg): 38
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Hot Laminating